Enlargement of the number of viewers on a stream video in YouTube

Dear friends. We have developed a new service for you. It is enlargement of the number of viewers on a stream video in YouTube.


Накрутка зрителей на стрим Ютуб


The subscription to the service procedure:

1. Choose service Viewers on the stream in the service page by going to

2. Fill in the fields of the ad. campaign (link, name and contact e-mail address) and make a payment. Indicate your VK profile instead of e-mail for a faster communication.  

3. We recommend to order the service within 10-15 minutes after starting of the stream video when your stream is already in Live Broadcast tab.   

4. In case you order a 7-day package, contact us through the live chat (red window in the right bottom corner) every time you launch your stream video.    

Viewers can fail to join your stream video in case you   

1. Ordered the service but did not launch the stream video.  In that situation you need to contact our operator through the online chat and to provide them with the number of your order and the link to the stream.

2. You ordered the service during the break time. Please, study the stream video launch schedule below. In case you ordered launching during the break you need to provide an operator with the number of your order and the link to the channel.

We launch stream video daily from 9 a.m. until 11 p.m. except Sunday.  

No launches on Sunday (a day off).

Contact us through our online chat (its icon is in the right bottom corner) for faster communication.

Also, feel free to use our Telegram channel by clicking here

NOTE. To enlarge maximally possible number of spectators during your stream video broadcast on YouTube you need to enter top 3 of the stream thematic section. Therefore, choose the plan based on the number of viewers close to the top 3 as our always provide with 20-30% more viewers than one ordered. Almost all of our streams enter Recommended tab in YouTube Gaming.


The subscription to the service procedure:


1. Entering the top of the streams

2. Once your stream enters the top, a great number of live viewers start watching it  

3. Increase in the number of your channel subscribers  

4. Increase in your channel popularity in YouTube

5. Entering Recommended Streams tab


Tariff - 1 stream
No time limit


NOTE. All the plans include 3 hours of stream broadcast max including the week ones.