End User License Agreement

The present End User License Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the Agreement) is an official Executor’s offer to conclude with any natural person (hereinafter referred to as the User) a paid services agreement based on the terms determined by the Agreement.  Acceptance of the Agreement is made by drawing up a User’s order through the service. Should the User draw up an order through the service, then they accept and agree with the Agreement terms and conditions.   

Acceptance of the Agreement means its studying and complete, conclusive and unreserved User’s consent with the conditions and terms determined in the Agreement.  The Agreement on rendering informational services is considered concluded and approved by the Executor and the User once the Agreement has been accepted and its terms and conditions must be executed by both parties.

1. Terminology

Within the framework of the Agreement the terminology mentioned below is used in the following context.  

1.1. The Service is the website with the URL of The website belongs to the Executor.

1.2. The Executor is the Service in the person of the website owner.  

1.3. The User is a natural person who uses (has used) the functionality and the services rendered by service.

1.4. The Order is the User’s request to receive completion of the service functionality execution determined by the Agreement.  


2.1. The Executor shall render the Service of providing the User with the Website to draw up the User’s orders as well as for receiving additional services connected with that information within the framework of the Agreement. The User shall pay for the services in the amount and according to the procedure stipulated in the Agreement.  Payment for orders should be made from the User’s account. Any money transfer from the User’s account, which does not correspond to the Agreement terms and conditions, is prohibited.

2.2. The list of the Executor’s services and the price list is published on the Website.  


3.1. Payment for Executor’s services is made other than in cash by means of money transfer to the Executor’s settlement account.  The sum should be transferred to the Executor’s electronic account with the following notification of the Executor which they should receive to the e-mail address stated during drawing up of an order.  

3.2. The date of payment is the date of the funds receipt on the Executor’s electronic account.  

3.3. Funds must be used only for payment for services and the service functionality. Any transfer to an electronic wallet, other payment system and to any other user is prohibited.   

3.4. Payment should be made through online aggregators and electronic wallets. The funds transferred are donations and are allocated exclusively for the project development. 


4.1. According to the Agreement the Service is considered rendered after reaching the ordered number of subscribers/views/likes/friends/reposts/votes shown on the counter of the group/video/channel/photo/post/voting.  Only the results in social networks counters are considered valid.

4.2. Using any other services and means of people’s attraction is prohibited during the Order execution as in the majority of cases calculation of the number of operations made is based on the group/video/channel/photo/post/voting DA/DS statistics.


5.1. The Parties bear responsibility for nonfulfillment or improper fulfillment of their obligations according to the Russian Law currently in force. 

5.2. Should the User fail to make payment, then the Executor has a right to postpone rendering of the Services and to restrict User’s access to the Website.  

5.3. The User has no rights to forcefully, by means of threats, blackmail or extortion require making transfer or return of the funds spent for the Service functionality.   

5.4. The Parties bear no responsibility for non-fulfillment of the Agreement terms and conditions in case such violation was made due to force-majeure circumstances (act of God).   The Parties have agreed that the list of these circumstances includes actions of the state authorities, municipal government, fire, flood, earthquake and other natural disasters, absence of electric power and/or failures in computer network, strikes, civil unrest and rioting, unscheduled changes in algorithms of social networks administrations. In case of any of these force-majeure circumstances the timeline of the obligations fulfillment stipulated in the Agreement should be extended correspondingly and include the time of these force-majeure circumstances duration.         

5.5. The User of the Service shall study FAQ chapter ( before drawing up an order.


6.1. The Parties have settled the pre-judicial procedure of dispute settlement. The time of answering the claim is 30 (thirty) working days from the moment of its receiving by the Party.

6.2. Only Technical Support Service specialists and the Service operator have a sole right to settle an argument.  The Executor or their representative as well as the Technical Support Service operator have a right to reject in assistance to solve the User’s problem or settle their claim in case of their previous violations of the Agreement terms and conditions.  


7.1. The Executor has a right to involve a third party to fulfil their obligations in terms of the Agreement.

7.2. Hereof, the Agreement the User provides their consent to keep, process, and hand over the data of their orders to a third party inclusive.

7.3. Usage of personal data and any other User’s information including the one provided during drawing up an order on the website within the framework of the Agreement should be made only for the Executor’s fulfillment their obligations.   

7.4. Hereof, the User provides their agreement to receive different official and information messages by means of post, telephone (including mobile one) calls, e-mails and any other means and channels of sending/receiving of information.   

7.5. The Service does not bear any responsibility for losing or stealing of the User’s login and password from their account in social network.   

7.6. The Service does not provide any guarantee of protection from any social network action and massive bootstrap, the funds shall not be returned except the cases when the Service has a warranty option. The list of the Services with the warranty option excludes the ones stipulated in clause 7.7 of the Agreement and includes the following scope of services

a) all kinds of  Youtube services excluding subscribers,

b) increasing the number of likes, reposts and surveys in Vkontakte,

c) increasing the number of subscribers to a group in Vkontakte based on PREMIUM plan,

d) increasing the number of likes for posts and photos in Facebook,  

e) all kinds of Twiter services,

f) all kinds of Instagram services.

7.7. The Service does not provide any guarantee for the services rendered in terms of the following topics:

a) hours

b) sport forecasts, bets and fixed matches

c) sport nutrition, tea and coffee

d) erotica

e) nail and hair extension, permanent makeup, makeup

f) photographs and groups connected with photography  

g) groups which activity is connected with arrangement and conducting of weddings  

h) Multi-level marketing including Oriflame, Amway, etc.

i) different financial pyramids, hype projects and partner programs   

k) fortune telling and horoscopes  

l) promotion, advertisement, design group, SEO and computer assistance.  

7.8. In case of views/subscribers/followers writing off during rendering of the service with the guarantee option the Service should recover them within 40 days from the moment of the User’s application to Technical Support Service.   However, the guarantee does not foresee the funds spent returning.  

7.9. The Service does not bear any guarantee obligations in case the User used third-part services, websites, and other executors before or after application for promotion as well as if the User used different plans of promotion for the same group/ page.  


8.1. The Agreement comes into force from the moment of its publishing on the website.  

8.2. The Agreement is published for an indefinite term and loses its legal force upon its termination by the Executor.

8.3. In case of making changings into the Agreement, all the changes come into force from the moment of the new edition of the Agreement publishing on the website unless any other time of their coming into force is determined additionally during their publishing. The Executor has a right to make changes to the text of the Agreement in their sole discretion. 

8.4. The User undertakes an obligation to check changes in the provisions of the Agreement themselves as well as to bear responsibility for the consequences connected with non-fulfillment of that obligation.    

8.5. In case of the User’s disagreement with the corresponding changes made the User shall terminate usage of both the website and the Executive’s services.  Otherwise, the User’s continuation of the Website usage means that the User agrees to the Agreement terms stipulated in its new edition.