SmmCraft.Ru is the system of social marketing management. The service has been exclusively engineered to digitize advertisement campaigns in all top social networks and to make them maximally efficient.

 Moving forward, top quality and the best result is the motto of our company.

We are applying to advertiser customers  

In case you are reading that message, it means that you have covered half the way to choosing stability, growing of your business popularity of your company, product, service or personal pages and publics. While developing the service we have considered all the major and minor problems which advertisers face when they make their first steps towards reaching the top positions in search results in social networks. However, this time you do not need to budget significant sums for making marketing researches as we have already done it for you. We have prepared our unique proposal of an intellectual system of user behavior in social networks monitoring.  What does it mean?  It is a product of intellectual property which has been developed by our programmers to make a product, a service, a new brand, a self-PR campaign, etc. promotion in all popular social networks much more efficient and comfortable.    

Our product differs from a hundred of other offers of that sort by the fact that we attract live and bot-free audience and customers without any fake promotion.

Why is our product unique?  

1. Our potential audience is more than 120, 000, 000 users. It is an aggregate and active audience of 5 social networks both in Russia and in CIS countries (Vkontakte, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube).

2. We deal with only active subscribers. Our intellectual system traces all suspicious pages and user’s profiles. We have developed maximally efficient methods of attraction only real audience and customers during many years of testing and engineering of the product.    

3. We offer convenient and customer-friendly advertising campaign development panel.  Any Internet user is capable to deal with it and adjust their advertising campaign correspondingly. As soon as the adjustment is over our system starts working maximally efficiently selecting the target audience.

4. We offer multilevel technical support and provide with efficient algorithms starting from arrangement of groups, pages and events until launching an advertising campaign.   

5. We do not require long and boring registration from our users. The system automatically creates user’s profile based on the entered data once the first advertising campaign is launched and sends reports to the e-mail address indicated by the user.  

Some facts and stats data:

1. The price for one user attracted through our system varies from 0.5 to 2 rubles. It means that you will receive 1,000 active uses paying only from 500 to 2,000 rubles.  Comparison with other services and agencies which provide product promotion in social networks services leads to the following conclusions:

  • The price lower than 0.5 rubles per user means that only spammers, fake pages and fake users are offered.
  • Such services and agencies DO NOT PROVIDE WITH proper technical support and they are unable to give a clear and comprehensive advice.  
  • The promise of fast increasing in number of users is, in the majority of cases, a waste of money.  

2.  Unlike the rest of the services we constantly monitor each of our users. Besides, we are doing our best to help each advertiser in launching the most efficient advertising campaign.     

3. We consider our advertisers to be our full-fledged partners who determine our economic stability and growth of our business.    

We have chosen moving forward once and forever