#1 What is SmmCraft service?


SmmCraft service has been exclusively engineered for those:

  1. Who want to launch their own successful business
  2. Who do not want to waste a lot of money for advertising campaigns  
  3. Who want their advertising campaigns be maximally efficient  
  4. Who want to create positive image of themselves, their product, company or service
  5. Who want to receive income from promoted in social media groups  

We offer a totally brand-new and innovative product developed on the social networks users’ behavioral factor. The years we have spent for analyzing and creating the top-notch applications have enabled us to engineer an efficient tool allowing to reach a success in the field of PR and marketing.     

By using our service any Internet user will be able to promote a group, a page, a video channel, Twitter account or a page in Instagram themselves and to involve active audience,  that is real subscribers or potential customers. It also means that you do not need to waste a great deal of money for hiring marketing experts and analysts as our service will do that work itself by selecting the audience which fits YOU only.

#2 How to launch an advertising campaign?


By using our SmmCraft service it will be a matter of several simple steps to follow:


1. Choose the social network on the main page for promotion

2. Then, choose the type of promotion (increase the number of likes, subscribers, views, retwits, etc.) depending on the network.  

Let us explain how it works using an order of increase in the number of views in YouTube:

First, we should enter YouTube tab on the main page to study all the types of tasks and their prices. We will choose to order 100 views of our video in YouTube as it is shown in the picture below: 



After that, we need to press on BUY button.   

and to start making an order and payment:

We should fill in the following 3 fields in that section of the form:

  1. Name,
  2. E-mail
  3. Link to the video for promotion. 

Afterwards, we need to press COMPLETE button as it is shown in the picture below:  


and to choose the way of making payment


At that stage, you will choose the method of payment considering the following:

1. WebMoney Transfer (0% fee)

2. Through billing aggregator Free-Kassa (5-9% fee)

3. Through PayPal (0% fee)

Press PAY button and start the money transfer through the payment system you have chosen.   

Once the payment is made, you will receive an SMS or an e-mail confirming your making payment and the beginning of your order processing. You will receive the first results of the video promotion in 24 hours after making payment.  

#3 How can I order 2 or more services at the same time?


In case you want to order 2 or more services for the same or different social networks you need to go through the following steps


1. Choose the first service in the required social network from the main page menu (VKontakte, Facebok, YouTube, Instagram or Twitter):


Let us explain how it works using social network VKontakte and YouTube:

After that you are addressed to the ad. campaign application form to fill in. However, you need to do it later as you should choose one or more services.  


2. To do that you need to press HOME button in the main menu to enter the main page. Note that the first service you have chosen is stored and does not disappear when you add a new service.  

Afterwards, you need to leave the socila network menu and to enter YouTube page by going to . Having entered the page you need to choose, let’s say, 100 premium subscribers to the channel and to press on BUY button in the way you did before.   

Then you are addressed to the application section to fill in the form where there are two services you have ordered.

Also, you can delete any of the services or all of them by pressing DELETE button if you decided to order a different service or to change their quantity.   

This is the way you can order or change any number of services for different social networks.   


3. Finally, when you have chosen everything you need, you should fill in all the compulsory fields (the ones marked with red asterisk *). 

Note. Insert links for promotion to field Link for promotion one by one separating them with a blank space or a comma. Feel free to insert a comment or a request to field Telephone number for notifications.   

Once all the fields are filled press COMPLETE button which means that you are automatically sent to step 3 Choosing the payment method. 

As soon as the payment is over your order will be processed in no time and will be fulfilled with no delay and with high quality.  

We wish you successful promotion,

Your SmmCraft team.

#4 Methods of payment for SmmCraft service


You may choose among billing aggregator Free-Kassa, WebMoney Transfer and PayPal to make payment for our service.

1. In case of billing aggregator Free-Kassa you can make payment using any of the most popular methods of electronic money transfer (Яндекс Деньги, QIWI, MAIL Деньги, Visa and Mastercard, Альфа-клик, online banks, from your mobile phone, etc.). For more details enter Free-Kassa official website. However, you will have to pay from 3 to 9% fee depending on the payment system.  

2. WebMoney Transfer payment system is one of the most popular and convenient services of its kind. In case you have an account with them you will be able to pay for our service without any fee.   

In case you do not have a wallet in WebMoney you can open an account with them in a several minutes by entering their official website.

3. PayPal payment system is one of the most protected systems. Also, it is the most popular system in Europe and America which popularity is growing in Russia as well.  In case you have a PayPal account you will be able to pay for our services without any fee.  

For more details enter PayPal official website.  

#5 What is the difference between PREMIUM service and the others?


You can order increasing the number of subscribers, likes, views, retwits, etc. for all the top social networks in both Russia and the world (VKontakte, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter). 

The users, who will subscribe, add their likes and comments, are 99% real people. 

However, PREMIUM account is equipped with the following filters of its activity:

  • Duration of the account registration is not less than 5 years  
  • The account has never been banned for spam and suspicious activity in any of the networks since the moment of its registration
  • There are at least 50 friends in the profile  

#6 What is the difference between SmmCraft service and an ordinary one and how does the service work?


SmmCraft service, unlike typical increase in likes and users, uses a specially designed innovative tool which processes the natural traffic of websites, blogs, personal pages and groups of partners, i.e. the one the real people use.   

We do not charge you for those who join your group and forget about its existence. Our specially designed bot analyzes the traffic you need and provides our expert with the stats data on all the ways to involve the audience YOU NEED.  After that, an operator manually checks how correctly the task was made and allows to start the process. It means that your ad. campaign is thoroughly checked before launching.

We consider our advertisers as our partners. Your success is our success too. 

#7 What does CLOSED status in MY ORDERS tab mean?


1. In case you are a registered user you can check all the orders you have made in your account. Each of the order card contains the following information: number of the order, date of the order, sum of the order, type of the service ordered, contact information and information for promotion.    

CLOSED status of an order means that it has been processed by our specialist and is being executed at the moment.  

2. In case you are not a registered user you can register by going to  - 


#8 How to split likes, views and reposts evenly?


In case you have ordered one of these services:  

1. Likes to a photo/posts in VKontakte

2. Reposts to a photo/posts in VKontakte

3. Views of a video in YouTube

And would like your likes, views or reposts be split evenly you simply type Split evenly to Telephone field.  


Note. Views can be distributes as at least 1,000 of them per one video. In case you ordered only 1,000 of them we cannot split them among several videos.  

#9 What do we need to know before ordering Subscribers to YouTube channel service?


Important and very useful information for those who only started launching their own YouTube channel

As YouTube bot thoroughly monitors activities on channels, especially on the new ones, it is necessary to know that when one orders Subscribers to a YouTube channel service the final result of it might miss about 5-50% subscribes (the ones YouTube will not count). It all depends on how natural the increase in the number of viewers is, i.e. YouTube writes off the subscribers when there is no activity on the channel (views or likes) at the moment of the process of increasing.   

Presently, the only efficient algorithm of enlarging the number of YouTube channel subscribers is to enlarge them to all the levels and at the same time, i.e. subscribes, views and likes. In that situation the writing off rate will be minimal (about 10%).

Example. You have increased the number of subscribers by 300-500 and it took you only 2 days. After that none of new viewers subscribed to your channel.  YouTube considers them as false subscribers and writes off 80% of them. Hence, we cannot provide you with any guarantee in terms of that service apart from offers’ simultaneous subscription and whether YouTube will write them off later depends only on you.   

We have developed a set of promotion tools specially for new channels which includes all the aspects of promotion and avoiding bans and writing off. Go to to study the set description and to make an order.

#10 How to avoid bans, fake pages and writing off VKontakte users?


Please study very important information necessary for making order to Subscribers or Premium subscribers service in VKontakte

All the subscribers are real people. In case you are going to order to enlarge a group of 20 subscribers by 1,000 of new ones, you need to understand that VKontakte bot would consider that rapid increase as a suspicious activity and will ban the majority of the new subscribers and probably the entire group itself.  

We recommend to order 50-100 new subscribers to avoid such consequences. Later, when the number of the group subscribers has increased you can order more of the new ones.

NOTE. All the banned users will be recovered later as they are real people who will apply to VK technical support service when their pages are banned and their pages will be recovered no longer than in 3 days.   Bots are not able to do that.  

#11 How long will it take to fulfil my order?


Every order is thoroughly analyzed by our bot. Afterwards, our experts manually set the required parameters for promotion.  

These parameters determine the number of subscribers to the group or to a channel during a day, the speed of increasing the number of subscribers, the dominating sex and age of the participants as well as geotargeting (connection to a certain region or city).

The timing of the order fulfillment varies individually in order to avoid banning and writing off for suspicious activity.

Please, study the list of the services which are 100% fulfilled on the same day the order was made in case the order was placed from midnight until 8 a.m. Moscow time.  

1. Reposts+likes VKontakte

2. YouTube video watching (2,000-3,000 views a day)

3. Likes and dislikes to YouTube video

4. Subscribers in VKontakte

6. Likes to photos, pages and posts in Facebook

7. Subscribers in Instagram

8. Likes in Instagram

9. Readers (followers) in Twitter

10. Retwits in Twitter

11. Subscribers to Twitch

#12 Can an order be fulfilled if it is made by a not-register user?


Yes, it can. Absolutely all the orders, which were paid regardless the status of a user, are fulfilled.

The only difference is that registered users can check their orders in their account.   

+ Registered users can connect to a partner’s programme. 

#13 I cannot complete my order as I am automatically addressed to the main page


In case you want to complete an order but you are sent to the main page instead you need to take several actions:  

  1. To clean cache memory and cookies of your browser
  2. To switch off ad blocker (add block, etc.) in case it is installed  
  3. To do it using a different browser

#14 What are the reasons for sending users to the ban list and to deprive them of the funds earned?


The users who violate the following rules can be sent to the ban list for their mishaps including:  

1. Placing their referral links on the websites prohibited by the Russian law (adult, extremist and terrorist websites)  

2. Using the referral link to their own IP address and register users themselves. 

3. The users who leave their referral link on other websites where they urge users to register by clicking on it for a fee.

  • In case of any of the violations mentioned above, the user is immediately banned by the website admins without the right of the account recovery.
  • All the user’s funds from the banned account are written off.

#15 What do I need to know about YouTube views?


YouTube counter can be up to several hours delayed due to the view counter caching. Hence, you will be able to check the number of views only several hours after placing your order.

Note.  Before ordering views of your video on YouTube make sure that the function of Enable to embed the video is on in your settings. Switch it on in case it is off otherwise there will be no views. 

#16 I cannot make a payment for some reason. What shall I do?


In such situations simply go to our Contact page, and fill in the feedback field where describe your problem in details. We will certainly solve it.


#17 I cannot launch my own ad. campaign. What shall I do?


In such situations simply go to our Contact page, and fill in the feedback field where describe your problem in details. We will certainly solve it.

#18 How can I start earning money along with SmmCraft?


In case you want to receive a constant income, you need to join our SmmCraft Partner’s program.   

How to join the program:

1. Register on the website by going to

2. Enter Referrals tab in your account, copy the referral link and place it in social networks and on websites.

You will receive 10% of the order cost of those who made an order and paid it using your referral link. You can check all the funds flow through your account. 

Also, you can make a request on money transfer in your account.  

#19 How to join SmmCraft Partner’s program?


In case you decided to become a partner and to start earning money along with  SmmCraft you need to do the following:  

1. Enter Registration tab on the main page.  

2. Then fill in all the required fields marked with asterisk * and press Registration button.  

NOTE. : You need to memorize the login and the password to enter your account.   .

3. After the end of the registration you enter your account:  


* You can change your personal settings and the profile image in your account.  

4. Afterwards, you need to enter Partner’s program tab.

The tab displays the entire wage payments for all the users who have registered or payed their orders an order through your referral link.  

Also, you can check each transaction you gain points for and the number of points in Recent transactions field. In case of money transfer 1 point = 1 ruble

4.  Consequently, to check your referral link you need to enter Referrals tab.  


The tab contains the partnership terms and the list of your referrals.  

5. Finally, copy the link and place it in all social networks, websites and forums and start receiving a stable income.  

#20 How can I withdraw the funds I earned by joining Partner’s program?


To redeem the reward you need to create a request in your account.

1. To do that you need to authorize on the website, to enter your profileand to enter Partner’s program tab there.  

2. After that you need to enter Withdraw the funds tab. 


3. Finally, you need to fill in the required fields and press Send the request button.  The minimal sum is equal to 100 points=100 rubles. 

The redemption is made by means of money transfer to electronic wallet WebMoney (R) or to Yandex Money on the third day after sending the request.  



#21 What is video complete view on YouTube?


The minimal time of a video watching on hold is 40 seconds. The maximal time of a video watching on hold is 5 minutes. It means that he guaranteed complete views of the video can be received only when the video duration is shorter than 5 minutes.

#22 Why are your rates so high?


We are often asked the question ‘Why everything is so expensive in your case?’  

Our answer. The rates we charge for live audience are not really high. It is something like comparing German and Russian cars. You can drive a Russian car, no problem about it. But be sincere and answer that question ‘which car would you prefer to drive?’  

There is more to that. They say that everything is free of charge or is very cheap on plenty of other websites.  

Our answer.  We know our competitors. All the websites which offer their services for low price or for free means only one thing, they use bots. Fake and pages, fake accounts and fake users this is what you can buy for their low rates or for free.     

We offer our services to those who want promptly and efficiently promote their website and/or accounts in different social networks.